Katie Orlinsky is a photographer and cinematographer based in New York City represented by Levine/Leavitt Agency. She has spent over a decade as a photojournalist covering news stories and feature assignments all around the world for major publications like The New York Times, The New Yorker and National Geographic. Katie has recieved numerous photographic awards from institutions such as the Art Director’s Club, PDN30, Visa Pour L’image, Pictures of the Year International, and most recently the 2016 Paris Match Female Photojournalist of the Year Award as well as artist grants from the Magnum Foundation, Getty Images, the Howard Buffet Foundation and the Pulitzer Center. 

Katie frequently partners with educational institutions and non-profit organizations to pursue long-term personal work such as “Innocence Assassinated,” an award-winning five-year project about the ignored innocents of the Mexican drug war, “Bought and Sold” a collaboration with anti-slavery organization Caritas and The New York Times about sex trafficking in Nepal, “The Women’s War in Mali” a mixed media documentary project supported by The International Reporting Project, Smithsonian Magazine recently exhibited at Princeton University about women in post-conflict Mali, and “Children do not migrate, they flee” a visual essay produced in collaboration with Humanity United that was exhibited in the United States Senate Rotunda. A chance assignment in the Alaskan wilderness in 2014 led Katie to her current focus- documenting the real, human stories of our warming climate today. “Chasing Winter” is a three-year photographic project in progress exploring how climate change is challenging communities across Alaska, and transforming the relationship between people, animals and the land. The work has been published in National Geographic, The New Republic, The Guardian, Paris Match, Marie Claire, Al Jazeera America, The New York Times, Smithsonian, The New Yorker and The Guardian.

© 2017 Katie Orlinsky Photography via Visura